Client Testimonials - Van Pelt Contracting

"I don’t normally write reviews, but Van Pelt Contracting in Kansas City was so great I felt that I had to do something to show my appreciation. This is one of the best companies I have ever dealt with and I’m going to recommend them to everyone that needs landscaping. They were extremely professional, patient, and helpful through our whole experience. Their customer service was extraordinary from Adam all the way through everyone that worked at our house. They were all incredibly polite and helpful every step of the way. If you want an honest estimate and authentic work, this is the company for you. They stuck to the budget and schedule from the estimate even when we made some changes to the original plan while they were working. After making our initial landscaping plans with Adam I had to deploy and leave my wife to deal with all the landscaping at our new construction house, which I was worried about, but as it turned out I didn’t need to be. Every step of the way they explained everything they were doing and fixed every problem, big and little, that came up. They even worked directly with us to correct problems with the drainage pipes they had put in and helped us fix an approval issue with our HOA. Every time I talked to my wife back at home she told me how great Van Pelt Contracting was, how helpful everyone was that was working at our home, and how good the yard looked. They made our yard look even better than I had hoped for and when they were done, they cleaned up everything and even painted our fence and touched up our stucco, leaving the house better than it was when they started. Even if another company gives you a lower estimate, pay the extra money because I guarantee you that it is worth it! Adam, if you read this, thank you so much and please thank the site supervisor too, he was unbelievable. I’m so glad we decided to use these honest, hardworking, professionals."
- Zack Johnson
" There are so many roofing contractors in Kansas City, MO but a friend of mine told me about Van Pelt Contracting. He told me how good they were so I figured i`d give them a shot. Right off the bat I was blown away by how well they knew their job. When we had the contractor come out to give us a quote, you could tell he was not trying to get every penny out of us, he was fair. He showed me the 3 brands of shingles they had and that he said even their cheapest ones were really strong. He explained to me in full detail what they had to do to re-roof our home, they even told me to contact our home owners insurance to see if they would cover the cost due to the storm damage. I would never have thought of that, thanks Van Pelt Contracting."
- Miranda Kalin
" Van Pelt did an AWESOME job on our staircase...they had the "vision" of what we wanted, and they delivered. Very professional and nice people!! Highly recommended."
- Wiley Meade
" Grade A fire restoration and water removal. Van Pelt Contracting is incredible. They have excellent customer service. They explain to you everything you need to know from the job, to the cost, to the timing. They are very enthusiastic about there work. I am very satisfied with my relationship with this company and would really reccomend them to anyone."
- David Gordon
" We hired Van Pelt Contracting to do a complete remodel of our master bathroom. We gave them a few ideas of what we would like if possible and the design they came up with exceeded our expectations! I highly recommend Van Pelt Contracting in Kansas City to everyone,,Thanks so much!"
- Paulina Duvalt
" My wife & I are first time homeowners and never had to deal with General Contractors before so this was a totally new experience for us. I found Adam, The owner of Van Pelt Contracting on yelp and they came out to inspect our leaky roof right away. Adam gave us a really great estimate and although we ourselves had to postpone the work for about a month, he and his crew were fast to fix our leaky roof, repair our drywall, and while we were at it we asked him for an estimate on an interior paint job. The invention of the World Wide Web has made it very easy for anyone to do their homework when hiring someone to do work like this and we did get other estimates. Van Pelt Contracing's prices were extremely reasonable, and after asking friends & family what they paid for paint jobs we were told we got a great deal. Now I'm NOT wishing we'll get a major rain storm like we did last spring (the day the nightmare started), but I think that's the only way we'll really know how well our roof was patched. :) One thing that impressed me the most about Adam and his crew was his attention to detail. We wanted a particular color paint which we were able to get via an off-brand sample but when it came time to order the final product he just wasn't happy with the hue. LOL! This minor glitch set back the paint project a couple of days but we were on vacation and homebound at the time and were able to wait it out until he was able to get the exact color we wanted. Thanks again Adam ! We already know that if and when we need any further major home improvement projects done in the future we will call him first."
- Jeffery Dodd
" I used Van Pelt Contracting for some services to my house and I had a great experience with the service/professionalism of the company. I would recommend them to anybody looking for a contractor for any needs."
- Happy Customer
"Van Pelt Contracting is the BEST! Van Pelt Contracting has done work for me twice this year. First they inspected my roof and discovered that there were leaks around the furnace exhausts, plumbing vents and attic fans. Adam confirmed and showed me what I expected, that the seals had deteriorated from being exposed to the weather. We scheduled the work and the crew showed up as scheduled for the repairs. The young man that did the work explained everything that he did; he even went the extra mile to clean the valleys on my roof of leaves and pine needles. The price was as quoted with no surprises. The next job was exterior painting of my home. This crew pressure washed, sanded and primed the areas that needed extra attention. Adam confirmed the paint colors with the gallons that were needed. Each day his crew left, they made sure the yard was clean and in order. One day I had to go into the office and did not think twice about leaving my home unlocked and open with the crew. Adam did a final walk thru with his crew and with me. I am totally impressed with the professionalism and workmanship of this company. Van Pelt Contracting is the company that I will use for future home improvement needs and general repairs around my home. This is an “A” class company"
- Mindy Harvey
"Very professional and reasonably priced!!! Knowledgeable in everything I required done to my house!! The end result was absolutely amazing!! Thanks again adam!!"
- Happy Customer
"Adam replaced our windows and did a great job!"
- Happy Customer

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